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For a long time, we have been trying to create a server from our experience and our taste. On the market of private servers, you will see lots of servers that are opening every day and after a few weeks closing. We learned the market and this is what we offer you:

Crystal MU Season 6 is the most interesting and customized base version of the game Season 6. If you have any questions, our responsive team of administrators will help you on the Ticket System, in the discord, or on Facebook. Without Donate shops, you won’t be able to buy +15 + F.O items from ready shops. VIP users won’t have sub-server.

We tried to create a different gameplay, we mixed up a few servers in one. We tried to make as low as possible p2w gameplay so we won’t have a big difference between donors and non-donator players. We don’t delete or wipe servers, we want to work on 1 project from a to z to support and develop it.

All classes are starting the game in Lorencia City. Where you will have Quest System, where you will enjoy with tasks till the end of the game. It will be the first to give you the quest, completing which, you will receive a reward. From these rewards you can get additional stats, that you're not losing them after reset, wCoins, Zen, boxes and other crafting materials.

We have 3 main currencies: Web Credits, that you can gain only from donating, Game credits and wCoins. Of course, none of these credits won’t help you to get full option items from the shop. But for Web Credits you will be able to play In-game lottery called Lucky Wheel, where you have a chance to get different Lottery Boxes of Weapon/Shield, from which you can get +11 to +13 random option item.

You can easily sell all your obtained items on our market on the website. Trading there happens for game credits, which, if desired, can be exchanged for wCoins. You can use the market even without leaving the game, because you can transfer all the items from the game to the virtual vault and then put them on the web market.

We would like to note one more unique opportunity on our server, which is - a guild bank. Each clan gets at its disposal a convenient in-game storage for transfer and exchange of valuable items within it.

We have lots of other plans that we need to accomplish and with your help we will develop and create an excellent community and server. Hope you will be satisfied with our server and you are ready for our adventures!